Stucco Pattern
Stucco Pattern

There are different roll forming options for stucco patterns IND panels. Single or multipleValleys, Grooves can be added to Stucco patterns for varied decoratin patterns.

Well I can’t say how satified I feel with this STUCCO pattern IND panels, but the truth is since I installed the panels on my house last October in Melbourne, I didn’t turn on my Air conditioner in the whole summer, just a few electrical fans working, and me and my family not even feeling hot AT ALL. It’s an increditable experience. Besides, I can’t believe that all my family love the sand yellow. Now winter is coming, and it saves me much cost for gas. Amazing materials.

John Paul

We have 3 different brick styles IND panels available for different decoratin sytles of your buildings, like standard bricks, coarse brick and wide/narrow brick patterns.

Found the materials in a Russian exhibition a few years ago, talked with the supplier and took a few pieces of samples. Just feeling interesting and never thought I would use the panels myself, but it turned out that I made the right decision. Personally I am fond of traditional brick structure and brick look, but real bricks do do not offer thermal function and require extra painting job. Therefore I tried this brick patten IND panel, and eveything looks perfect. Love it.

Lambeni Foxo
Wood Pattern
Wood Pattern

Wood patterns can offer both flat and 3D decoration sytles. Preprinted wood patterns IND panels presends real wood vision and embossment offer wood touch feeling.

As a Russian, I would never hesitate to use wood when I was planing to rebuild my old wood house. However, considering bugs and extra heat insulation projects, I ‘ve been looking for some different materials. I hope that the materials can make me feel I am living in a wood house, and in the meantime I do not worry about bugs, and I do not need extra thermal insulation projects. What a surprise! IND panels with wood patterns are exactly what I need. Thank you, MTC.

Yefim Manashirov

Marble patterns IND panels are most common for exterior decoration of villas or hotels. Marble pattern is a type of stone patterns that can be flat and 3D embossment.

My company was working on the execution of the “Ecobonus 110” last December, a big National project consisting on the Rehabilitation of Dwellings in the whole of Italy. Bearing this in mind, we were looking for panels for external wall insulation of the buildings. We need the panels must also look like marble design and the most importantly, meet the minimum environmental criteria of the Italian and European standards. Luckily, we got IND panels from MTC, everything worked wonderful.

Sede Operativa
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