WPC Wall Panels


FID panels, i.e.wpc wall panels, after installed, can bring a comfortable and luxurious feeling to these interior walls and ceilings.  WPC decorative wall panels do not contain harmful chemicals, and according to researchers, the formaldehyde emission rate is only 0.3mg/L, which is far below the national standard. In addition,  WPC wall panels or FID panels also have the advantages of easy cleaning and long service life.


interior decorative panelWPC wall panel is a new and booming composite material that is made from a mixture of recyclable plastics, wood fibers, and other additives. The application of composite panels is very wide. It can use not only in the construction industry. But also in furniture, logistics, packaging, and other industries. The compositions for interior WPC panels are all environment-friendly materials. WPC panels are not only waterproof, insect-proof, moisture-proof, and environment friendly without formaldehyde. It also has the advantages of easy installation, almost no maintenance, and easy cleaning.

WPC wall panels are different from traditional wood wall panels in that they are waterproof, moisture-proof, sound-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof and mold-proof. This is based on the raw materials of composite wall panels. Composite wall panels are highly durable and have a long service life, so you can enjoy wall panel service for a longer time. At the same time, composite wall panels are easy to clean, which can eliminate the tedious maintenance work in life.

  • Brand:MAXON
  • Item:FID-150/300/450/600
  • Thickness:9mm
  • Type: Flat WPC Wall Panel
  • Length:2.9m or Customized
  • Surface:Standard and Coating
  • Material: 45% PVC + 20% Calcium Carbonate +28% wood and bamboo powerder + 7% additives

interior wall panel

WPC wall panels, i.e. FID panels, are very easy and fast to install. In case you have no installation experience, and you just follow the installation instructions we provide, then you can install your own DIY interior WPC wall panels. Also, WPC wall panel have a special snap structure that allows you to hide the fixings behind the wall panels. The advantage of this is that it does not affect the overall aesthetics of the wall panel. Giving you a better visual enjoyment.

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Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 300mm*9mm*2900mm
  • 450mm*9mm*2900mm
  • 600mm*9mm*2900mm;
  • 10 pieces/Carton
  • 300P
  • 300V
  • 450P
  • 450V
  • 600P
  • 600V
  • 150G


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