Assembly Container Houses

Container house, also known as prefab container house, habitable container house, refers to a house with windows and doors, a little bit reconstructed based on the containers’ frames. Such container houses are commonly found in the construction sites and used as dormitories for workers. In addition, they are used as houses for rent because they are sturdy, durable and easy to build. Therefore, container house is also called the resident container.

MAXON® STEEL supplies container houses, and pre-fabricated houses or pre-assembly houess.

Container house is a unit house with the following specifications:


1) Size of 5950mm*2310mm*2740mm or 6055mm*2435mm*2740mm.
2) The container house adopt EPS,PU or Rock wool as heat insulation material.
3) All the components are standard and prefabricated with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily. Six skilled workers can finish three modular units in 8 hours.
4) One 40HQ container can load six sets of 5950mm*2310mm*2740mm standard units or six sets of 6055mm*2435mm*2740mm standard units.
5) The standard unit can be connected together at any direction or stack up to two or three storeys
6) waterproof design of structure, fireproof and heat insulation of material ensure the house to resist heavy wind load of 1.5KN/m2 and 7 degree seismic intensity.
7) The life span of the house is 20-25 years.

General features of the houses:

1)Easy to assemble and disassemble
2)Good steel plasticity and toughness
3)Flexible design
4)Convenient for shipping
5)Certificate: ISO9001:2000
6)Flexible building
7)Light weight & neat
8)Quick construction speed
9)Low price & Resuable

General components of the houses:

  • Steel Frame: high quality steel structure 4mm steel profile
  • Wall Panel:
    1) External/Internal Steel Panel:0.3-0.8mm GI/PPGI;
    2) Core material: 50mm/75mm/100mm (EPS/Rockwool/PU)
    3) Width: 960-1100mm
    4) Length: Length: according to customer’s requirements
  • Roof Panel:
    1) External/Internal Steel Panel:0.3-0.8mm GI/PPGI;
    2) Core material: 50mm/75mm/100mm (EPS/Rockwool/PU)
    3) Width: 960-1100mm
    4) Length: according to customer’s requirements


Roof Load: 0.5KN/sqm (It can feinforce the structure as requried)
Wind Spead: designing wind speed 210km/m(Chinese standard)
Seismic resistance: Magnitudes 8
Temperature suitable temperature -50~+50

Windows: Aluminium alloy window or plastic steel windows
Doors: sandwich board door or aluminium alloy door
Bathroom: it will be equipped with one toilet bowl, one wash basin, one shower equipment( alternative)
Kitchen: it will be equipped with one kitchen cabinet(alternative)
Eletricity: we will supply all the electricity system and equipement(alternative)
Color: you can choose any color you like(both for the outside and inside)