FID integrated wall panel


Fast Installation Decorative panels are used for interior wall and ceiling decoration. There are growing demands for FID panels, known also as integrated wall panels, for its light weight, easy and fast installation, and advantages for easy clean and waterproof and so on.

Main materials for FID panels are bamboo fiber, wood fiber, Calcium powder and PVC etc. It’s also known as WPC integrated wall panels. The panels are widely applied for interior decoration of houses, hotel and restaurant, shops, schools, hospitals, offices, parking lot, architectural buildings etc.

Basic Specifications for the FID Panel

Width300mm, 400mm, 600mm
Thickness 0.9mm
Joint-Solution Flat type; V type
MaterialsBamboo fiber, wood fiber, calcium powder and PVC film,etc .

There are obvious functions compared to traditional interior wall decoration materials such as wood, clay tiles, bricks or wall papers. The FID panels can provide:

  • similar appearance and texture
  • easier and faster installation
  • hundreds of more optional colors or patterns available
  • water-proof ( water absorption 0.8% )
  • B1 fire-resistance
  • insect resistance
  • moisture resistance
  • eco-friendly, no harmful gas released and no heavy elements included
  • recyclable materials
  • free maintenance
  • heat preservation and thermal insulation
  • easy cleaning