It is a type of external cladding and facade panel, and named as IND panel for its multi-functions of wall Insulation And Decoration on commercial and residential projects. The panel consits of metal surface, insulation core, and aluminum foil (sometimes metal) bottom.

IND panels are manufactured continuously through insulated sandwich panel production line and cut to customized lengths (standard length 3800mm). IND panels are constructed with Prepainted Aluzinc sheet, high-density rigid PU foam (in some occassions EPS and Rockwool are used as well) and waterproof Aluminum foil. There are different patterns available to be engraved or embossed on the surface of the steel sheets for decoration purpose.

The IND panels perform wondefully as facade panels for a lot of buildings or applications, for example, municipal construction, residential apartments, villas, gardens, refurbishment of old buildings, guard posts, selling boxes and many other engineering fields etc. IND panel can be used on both exterior and interior wall of buildings due to their diversified and colorful apperance, perfect heat-reservation and thermal insulation effects, fire-retardant, soundproof and waterproof functions and anti-oxygen, resistance to corrosion, recyclable chracteristics.

Length (Customized):2900mm/4000mm/5800mm
Effective Width:383mm
Thickness (PU Insulation) 16mm/20mm
Thickness (EPS Insulation)50mm
Fireproof LevelB1/B2 Level