MAXON® STEEL supplies a range of stylish tile-effect metal roofing and cladding, industrial metal decking and steel channels like C/Z/U channels etc. The cold roll-forming process ensures a high degree of consistency and dimensional accuracy in the end products.

Metal roofingThese carefully designed profiles enables both the designers and owners to truly satisfy both form and function demands. Manufactured from high-tensile steel that is protected with corrosion-inhibitive treatments and coatings, this system is designed to provide the broad spectrum of performance that gives a long life and minimum maintenance to the buildings.

The metal roofing and cladding are typically roll formed from pre-painted steel or galvanized steel. The material thickness ranges from 0.3-0.8mm, and thickness ranges from 762mm-1250mm. In some special occassions, special materials will be applied.

Designers like to apply such materials because it’s quite light and easy to install and could save much time. The owners prefer to use metal roofing and cladding because first they could save much cost and time compared to traditional clay roof and cladding, besides they look beautiful and easy for maintainence.

Metal roofing and cladding are highly popular in residential building projects. The metal buildings are stronger, more beautiful and environment-friendly.

IMG_1455-768x1024For the steel decking, they are mostly roll formed from Galvanized steel of 0.8-1.4mm thickness and 1250mm width maximum. The metal deck sheets are widely used in a variety of applications. For example, the commonest applications are like Steel roof deckComposite metal deck, Metal form deck, Architectural deck, Bridge deck and so on.

MAXON® STEEL supplies mainly the steel roof deck, composite metal deck and metal form deck with common designed profiles. However, the company doesn’t have any finished decking sheets in stock, and the production shall be proceed as per orders. Therefore, if you need deadly the decking sheets for your projects, you’d better purchase as soon as possible. The thickness, widths and lengths all can be customized. 40ft or 20ft containers will be used to load the decking sheets for shipping.


Other than roofing and decking, C/Z/U steel channels are another major products that MAXON® STEEL is ready to provide. The standard C and Z channel sizes are 80-300mm webs, 50-100mm flanges and 15-30mm lips. Thickness covers from 1.8mm-3.2mm with punching holes customized. In addition, we can produces U steel channels as well and we are looking to expand the production ranges into light gauge steel frames, like C/U stud and track, roof truss and ceiling battens etc, and container houses industry, like the container house beams and upright posts (more about container houses)