Find answers to common questions about our IND panels, FID panels or our qualificcations.

What is IND panel on earth?

Simply, IND panel is a kind of sandwich panel and sometimes people call it metal carving wall panel, or PU metal carving panel or carved metal pu wall panel etc. Too many names for the panel but we give it name according to its function: Insulation and Decoration Panel.

What materials IND panels are made of?

IND panels compose of 3 different layers: Top layer (PPGI) + Middle Layer (PU foam) + Back Layer (Aluminum Foil paper)

What is the size of IND panels

  • Exterior IND Panel: 38.3cm(Width)*1.6cm (Thickness)*2.9m(Length-or customized)
  • Interior IND Panel: 43.2m(Width)*1.4cm (Thickness)*2.9m(Length-or customized)

Where do we use IND panels?

  • Mostly IND panels are installed on the exterior walls of buildings because of its decorative purpose. IND panel is the facade or siding panel of wall, just for heat insulation and decoration purpose and it can’t be used as structrual wall.
  • In some occassions, we can install IND panels for the interior decoration and heat insulation for walls and ceilings. The size and thickness for interior IND panels and exterior wall panels are different.

What kind of buildings can we inistall IND panels?

Well, IND panels can be installed almost on 90% different structural buildings, like brick masonary structural buildings, lightweight steel structural buildings and wood structural buildings etc.

Where is your factory?

We produce IND panels in our Henan production base and our Headquarter is located in Jinshan district of Shanghai.

Do you hold any certificates?

We have acquired quite a lot, such as ISO, CE, FSC, SGS, REACH certificates. We will provide them if you need.

How may panels can you load in a container?

Our panel is light cargo. So it’s better for us to choose a 40HC container, and we can have a full load around 2600 sqm.

Can you send samples?

We are able to provide 5 pieces of samples free of charge (38.3cm*20cm per piece). We will send the samples via DHL international courier service. The samples would be free of charge, but we would appreciate if you can advise your company’s DHL account number so that we can send out the sample Via your DHL account. You can choose and order samples on our shop and after you receive the samples, the money will be returned.

Can I order directly on your shop?

We are sorry that firm orders are not available on shop. The panels are bulk commodities and can only be delivered by shipping or training, which requires accurate transportation costs. However, shipping cost always varies at different time from different transportation companies, no way to pre-set for online shop. As a result, our online shop has been set up only for samples order.

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