Over 80% buildings are constructed with steel and concrete, but Woods are always welcome particularly for home and office decoration.

Wood structural houses or wood-wall houses have great looks that make people feel the life of nature. However, a wood building never last more than 10 years. Bugs, water and severe weather are top 3 challeges to natural wood. There are preservative wood for now, no need to consider about bugs and waters, but still extra thermal insulation and heat reservation projects are necessary for inner wall of houses.

WOOD doesn’t have such functions but only decoration purpose. Our Wood patterns IND facade panels can offer a perfect solution. The metal carved PU insulated wall panel provides natrual wood apperance as decoration, and also have thermal insulation and heat-preservation functions. Besides, the panels are eco-friendly, B1 fire-retardant, soundproof, and have 30-year long circle life

There are 3 different designs for WOOD patterns: Flat Design, Groove Design and Valley Design, and wood pattern can also be embossed with stucco and wood grain marks.

The below is some cases for reference.
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