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We produce both exterior pu insulated metal carving panel and internal decorative wall panel, with PU insulated and surfaced metal carved or embossed with sorts of decorative patterns.

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roll forming machine
MTC was founded in March 2012 in Shanghai. Originally specialized in the designing and building of roll forming machinery, the company has been committing to innovating energy-saving and eco-friendly products.

Coming to 2010s, Chinese government realized how worse that Chinese rapid economy development had destroyed the environment and nature. Therefore, Energy-saving and Environment-Protection has shown up on the top of Government’s agenda since then.

Due to the National policy and our business mission, since 2017, the company has made over 600,000$ investment on the designing and building machinery so as to manufacture new type exterior decorative pu wall panel, insulation and decoration multi-functional wall panels, which we call IND panels.

IND panels is a type of environment-friendly building material, also known as PU insulated metal carving panel in China. Surface of the PU insulated metal carved panels are PPGA steel with decorative patterns embossed or carved, and sometimes preprinted.


We produce PU foam sandwich wall decorative carving panels for both exterior (external) walls and interior (internal) walls. There are hundreds of pattern compositions available for any decoration preference.
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pu insulated metal carving panel
We have 14 sets of embossing machines, 4 roll forming machines to make IND panels. And also we have 4 lines to make FID panels. By the help of our advanced equipment and experienced operators, we can produce 3000 square meters pu insulated metal carving panels daily production.

MTC holds the testing report from national inspection center, and also we have passed CE certificate which enables our panels to be sold in European markets.
We have our own quality inspection team to ensure every piece of our exterior decorative wall panel to reach the highest national stardards before delivery/shipping. All the orders must be deemed as the urgent needs and shipped within 3 days. Furtherfore, we provide 2 years warranty, and during the period, any panel that may cracks or fades the color will be replaced.

We’ve been working very hard to make environment-friendly products and in the next few months there will be new materials developed and MTC never stops innovation.
Why you’ll choose us?

As a leader for manufacturing PU insulated metal carving panel production line, we can assure the quality and delivery time for our PU insulated metal carving panels. We provide one-stop service of supplying IND panels for exterior walls decoration and insulation project.


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We provide one-stop solutions for the insulation and decoration projects for any structual buildings.

Equipment Display

Here we list some of our equipment for making our pu insulated metal carving panels. Some other equipment may not list here because of buisness confidential reason.
Roll Forming Machines Making the Joint Parts Inner and Exterior decorative wall panel
Bending Machine used for making accessories of IND panels
IND Panels Pressing Machine and Fly-saw Cutting
PU Foam Spraying Machine

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