Villa 2MTC has been founded in March 2012 in Shanghai. Originally specialized in the designing and building of roll forming machinery, the company has been committing to innovating energy-saving and eco-friendly products. Coming to 2010s, Chinese government realised how worse the result that Chinese rapid economy development had caused to the environment and nature. Therefore, Energy-saving and Environment-Protection has shown up on the top of Government’s agenda since then. Due to the National policy and our business mission, since the end of 2017, the company has made over 400,000$ investment on the designing and building machinery so as to manufacture new type insulation and decoration multi-functional wall panels.

In the pursuit of supplying light, eco-friendly yet strong building materials, the company has, after long time market researching, developed and made out a new type lightweight and multi-purpose energy-saving building materials- Insulation and Decoration Multi-function Panels. We call such panel as IND panel and award the brand name MAXON® to it.


MTC has developed two types of wall panels: IND PANELS and FID PANELS.

IND PANELS consist of three layers, i.e. Metal Surface, Polyurethane Foam Core, and Aluminum Foil Back. The panels can be applied for heat-preservation, thermal insulation, soundproof and facade decoration.

While the FID PANELS, known as quick-assembled decorative panels or integrated wall panels, are made of Bamboo-Wood fiber, and they are used only for interior wall decoration.

There are a variety of decorative patterns available to be coated on both IND PANELS and FID PANELS.

MTC provides one-stop service for your requirments, from the very begining, like price inquiring, to the very end installation assistance. Bearing the basic principle of ” Credit is supreme and Customers are esteemed “, the company sincerely wish to establish long-run and mutualy beneficial business relationship with its honored clients.