Applications of IND Facade Panels

IND facade panels are mostly installed on exterior wall. The installation is quite easy, no need cement and glue, just by fastening screws or nails, so there are many ind panel application.

Due to the easy installation of IND facade panel, the panels can be applied for exterior wall decoration almost on architechures built with all sorts of structures. The common building structures are like brick-concrete structure, frame structure, reinforced concrete structur, steel structure and wood structure etc. There are other cases that IND panel application is well set up.

Regardless of the structures of buildings, IND facade panels can be well and tightly installed for decoration and insulation purpose. In different countries and areas, there might be different building styles. However, IND facade panels can be always compatible because hundereds of IND panel styles are avaiable.

The most common buildings that can be decorated fabulous with ind panel applications are like below:


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