Flat and its extension IND panels means no embossment on the surface. The panels ensure the surface of buildings to be smooth and clean enough.

Flat extensions IND panel can be both purely flat and groove or valley designed. , Not all the buildings are suitable for decoration with colorful patterns. Sometimes simplicity is also important. Our flat extensions PU sandwich facade panel use single colour sheet as the surface layer, sometimes valleys or grooves will be roll formed onto the panel so that it makes the buildings simple but beautiful.

Like other patterns FACADE PANEL, the flat extensions PU sandwich facade panel also has multi-functions, i.e. thermal insulation, heat-preservation and building decoration etc. Furthermore, thet panels can easily and quickly be installed due to its light weight. Our flat extensions IND panels are often required for individual houses and office buildings.

Like stucco patterns, Flat extensions IND panels can also be made in 3 different design : Valley Design, Groove Design and Pure Flat Design.

The below is some cases for reference.
  • metal carved PU insulated wall panel
  • PU insulated wall facade sandwich panel
  • external wall sandwich metal pu insulated panel
  • metal carving wall panel
  • pu metal wall carving panel
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