There are some buildings that require special designed decoration instead of regular patterns and therefore we need to develop special patterns.

Not all the buildings are suitable for decoration with colorful patterns. Sometimes simplicity is important, and sometimes creativity is important as well. For those buildings that have designers’ special taste or style, regular decorative patterns are old-fashioned. Therefore, we keep innovating new special patterns. So far, to satisfy our customer’s special requirement, we have developed micro-wave shape IND panels, and trapezoidal shape PU Insulated Metal Carved Wall Sandwich Panel.

These two kinds of panels apply with any available colour to make your buildings look clean and integrated. No 3D embossed patterns, just roll formed shapes on the surface of such IND facade panel, but it still has multi-functions as thermal insulation, heat-preservation and building decoration etc. More importantly, thanks to its lightweight and installation, there are growing markets all over the world for customizing our IND facade panels.

Right now we have 2 special design : Micro-wave Design, Grille Design.

The below is some cases for reference.
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