MAXON® STEEL is a newly established facility for manufacturing a variety of steel building materials for residential, commercial and industry applications.

All the products are manufactured via roll forming machines and insulated sandwich panel production lines and all the equipment are designed and built by MAXON® TECHNOLOGY. Therefore, the quality and delivery time can be absolutely ensured.

For example, we have metal sheet roll forming machines, like IBR sheet roll forming machine and corrugated sheet roll forming machine, for manufacturing metal roofing and wall cladding sheets; we have C/Z purlin roll forming machine for producing C/Z/U section channels; we have customized roll forming machines for manufacturing beams and upright posts of assembly container houess.

Besides, we have an insulated panel production line as well as dozens of embossers for producing PU insulated metal wall panels with sorts of decorative patterns embossed.

Main products that the company supplies mostly includes:

Insulated siding panels is a kind of sandwich panel that consits of metal face, insulation core, and aluminum foil (sometimes metal) back. 

The metal sheets will be fed into embossing machine to produce brick or stone decoration patterns on the surface and then into roll forming machine to produce the joint sections and sometimes middle grooves on wooden pattern panels.

The panels are commonly applied as exterior or interior walls, because they have great functions of heat-insulation, fireproof, waterproof, noiseproof, and more durable that traditional walls.

59759695MAXON® TECHNOLOGY has availability to produce a range of metal sheet roll formers and steel channesl roll formers. This offers possibility that MAXON® STEEL provides metal roofing and wall cladding with different designs; and also metal floor decking sheets are highly popular. In addition, steel channels, especially the C/Z steel channels are necessary in steel structural buildings. 

Raw materials typically are PPGI, GI, and thickness is 0.3-0.8 for roofing and cladding, 0.8-1.4mm for decking sheets; and 1.8-3.2mm for C/Z steel channels.MAXON® STEEL provides also ODM or OEM service for any custromized roofing, cladding, decking and steel channels.

3Container house, also known as prefab container house, habitable container house, refers to a house with windows and doors, a little bit reconstructed based on the containers’ frames. Such container houses are commonly found in the construction sites and used as dormitories for workers. In addition, they are used as houses for rent because they are sturdy, durable and easy to build. Therefore, container house is also called the resident container.

On the other hand, such container houses can be used as prefab offices, prebab stores, and prefab toilets etc. Compared with the traditional activities of board room, container houses are easy-to-move, solid, more durable, and more environment-friendly because they are recyclable.

Furthermore, their flexible form can be converted into any shape so that they can be applied to a variety of field operations room conditions.

MAXON® STEEL stands ready all the time for providing the listed steel building materials. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for the decorative insulated siding panels, metal roofing, cladding, decking, C/Z channels or pre-assembled container houses.