IND panel is a kind of sandwich panel that consits of three layers. Its surface part is high quality colorful embossed finish metal palte with a special layer processing; the core-layer is the rigid high-density PU foam thermal insulation layer with fire-retardant treatment and the bottom part is the foil protective layer with the function of insulation and moisture proof. 

MAXON® is a new brand for this new-type building materials-insulation and decoration multi-funtional panels, mainly used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings’ decoration and thermal-insulation & heat preservation projects. 


The exterior wall decoration panel produced by our company,using iron sheet to process the aluminum and zinc galvanized sheet and zinc galvanized sheet, coated with weatherproof fluorocarbon coated in the surface, insulated with PU foam as core and glued with waterproof aluminum foil.

The panel has been popular because it performs fantastic in heat reservation, thermal insulation, building decoration, environmental protection, weather resistance, rain and freeze prevention, soundproof, seismic resistance, light weight etc. Exquisite panels joint greatly avoids the loose, cracking and cold/hot bridge. In the meantime, the installation and assembling of the panels is quite easy and convenient, regardless of the season or climate change. This innovative panel highlights its absolute advantages .

Hundreds of embossed and preprinted patterns integrated with roll formed shapes have been designed to offer sorts of decoration options to end users.

The luxurious and beautiful decoration style of IND panels highlights the charming of the building. The IND panel is not only suitable for the newly set up brick-concrete structure, framework structure, steel structure, lightweight steel buildings, but also suitable for energy-saving refurbishment of the existing buildings .


It is a type of external cladding and facade panel, and named as IND panel for its multi-functions of wall Insulation And Decoration on commercial and residential projects. The panel consits of metal surface, insulation core, and aluminum foil (sometimes metal) bottom.

FID integrated wall panel


Fast Installation Decorative panels are used for interior wall and ceiling decoration. There are growing demands for FID panels, known also as integrated wall panels, for its light weight, easy and fast installation, and advantages for easy clean and waterproof and so on.