If we say wood is one of necessary materials for buildings, then stone is another building material that we have to consider.

Stone is a very old and traditional building materials back to thousands of years ago and until now stones are still popular materials for modern buildings. People likes to use stone to build and decorate their buildings because on one hand stone is strong enough to make their buildings safe, and on the othe hand, stones make their buildings look distinguished and splendid for their great visual noble feeling of vintage. However, stone is truly very heavy and not easy to install. For some occations of exterior wall decoration, the weight of the stone is also a risk of falling when installed on high buildings. In addition, stones do not offer thermal insulation and heat preservation for buildings.

Therefore, to meet our customers’ demands for stone decoration, we have developed stone pattern IND panels. Compared to traditional stone materials, A stone pattern PU insulated metal carved wall sandwich panel decorative building will not just visually and tactually like a real stone materials decorated, but also, thanks to the panel’s functions of thermal insulation and heat preservation, can offer pefect indoor temperature.

Furthermore, the panels are also eco-friendly, fire-retardant, soundpoof, and have 30-year long circle life. Besides, our IND facade panels are quite lightweight, and can be easily and quickly installed on the building, eliminating the risk of falling apart and down.installed on the building, with 30-year long circle life.

Generally, there are 4 different designs for Stone patterns: Marble/Cultural Stone, Slabstone Design, Narrow stone Design and Mosaic stone Design.

The below is some cases for reference.
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