Stucco patterns are known also as elastomeric-paint patterns, and there are other designs that can be incorported with our stucco pattern IND panels.

People’s taste for building apperances always changes. Stucco has been used to get the building decorated like muddy walls. Some people always like old things and traditional stuff. Real stucco offers only decoration function, so stucco pattern IND panels are really a good choice for such case. And also there are rib options available.The stucco patterns PU insulated metal carved wall panel can decorate buildings with muddy wall effect.

Also, it can protect people inside the building being heated or freezed. As an eco-friendly material, our IND facade panel has multi-functions as thermal insulation, heat-preservation and building decoration etc. More importantly, thanks to its lightweight, available to be installed quickly and easily, there are growing markets all over the world for our IND facade panels.

There are 3 different designs for STUCCO patterns: Flat Design, Groove Design and Valley Design.

The below is some cases for reference.
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