In this page we introduce IND panel in details, from its composition, to its application and characteristics.

FID panel, in long term Fast-Installation Decorative panel, is one of the most popular building materials for interior decoration of walls and ceilings. There are growing demands for FID panel, known also as WPC integrated wall panel, for its light weight, easy and fast installation, and advantages for easy clean and waterproof and so on. FID panels are made of bamboo fiber, wood fiber, Calcium powder and PVC etc. FID panels are widely applied for interior decoration of houses, hotels and restaurants, shops, schools, hospitals, offices, parking lot, architectural buildings etc.

FID panels

FID panesl are associated with many advantages which make them necessary building materials both in home decoration and industry decorations. First of all, FID panels make good material for termite-proof furniture. This is one of the main advantages WPC wood offers over natural wood. In addition, these boards make a perfect solution for outdoor applications.

There are two types of FID panels: WPC Flat Board and WPC Grille Board.

Unlike conventional building materials, WPC woods are resistant to moisture, and this makes FID panels great material for kitchen and bathroom cabinets where the chances of moisture retention are high. Besides, FID panels come in multiple colors. In general, the color of the furniture kept outside fades in heat. WPC boards offer UV rays resistance, making them suitable for exterior applications.

Durability is one of the essential benefits offered by FID panels. They are not affected by rain, chemicals, humidity, and other environmental conditions. They are also easy to use. Conventional tools can be used to fix these boards wherever required. Furthermore, FID panel is biodegradable. It can be 100 percent recyclable with recyclable materials such as wood, agricultural, and plastic waste used in its production.

Basic Specifications for the FID Panel

Width150mm (Grille), 300mm, 400mm, 600mm
Thickness 0.9mm
Joint-Solution V type; P type; Seamless Type (Grille)
MaterialsBamboo fiber, wood fiber, calcium powder and PVC film,etc .
fid panel

Three Joint Types of FID panels

Generally there are three different joint types fo FID panels: V-type joint and P-type Joint for flat board, and seamless joint for WPC grille board. V joint is more suitable for 300mm width FID panel, but can be available for both 400mm width and 600mm width, while P joint (Flat-type) is only for 400mm and 600mm width FID panels, particularly 600mm. Because of the thermal expansions and contractions, the walls decorated with narrow FID panels of P joint will look a little bit waved. Seamless joint is for grille board only, but we are developing seamless joint type for 600mm flat board and soon Seamless joint flat boards will be released.

V-type Joint FID Panel
V-Type Joint
Flat-Type Joint FID Panel
P-Type Joint
Seamless Joint
There are obvious functions compared to traditional interior wall decoration materials such as wood, clay tiles, bricks or wall papers.
  • Similar appearance and texture
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Over a hundred of decorative colors or patterns available
  • Water-proof ( water absorption 0.8% )
  • B1 fire-resistance
  • Insect resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Eco-friendly, no harmful gas released and no heavy elements included
  • Recyclable materials
  • Free maintenance
  • Heat preservation and thermal insulation
  • Easy cleaning
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